Mike Big Dick 1 part 1

Blonde Couldn't Resist Tasting His Massive Veiny Cock – Part 1

I just busted out of town, and man, was I pumped to fuck! I stole my ex's dad's RV; hit the road, hungry for some 100% genuine pussy. Soon enough, I stumbled upon this hot, tasty blonde. The sex adventure started right then. Long story short: this young, natural blonde was really surprised when I showed her my massive, veiny honker, but she just couldn't resist it. She enjoyed every inch, even though it was a hell of a tight fit!

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Mike Big Dick 4 part 1

Trophy Wife With Perfect Tits Seduced At Last – Part 1

Mike's adventure takes a wild turn as he stumbles upon a luscious trophy wife with the perfect rack and a snooty attitude. But hey, Mike ain't one to be deterred by a little class divide. This rich, uppity housewife, with her icy blue stare and fancy ride, thought she was too good for Mike and his rusty RV. But Mike's charm knows no bounds. And when he unleashes his mammoth, throbbing dick, she's suddenly singing a different tune. It's clear she's been starved for some real action…

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Mike Big Dick 4 part 2

Trophy Wife With Perfect Tits Seduced At Last – Part 2

Hold onto your seats, because Mike's not done with this trophy wife yet! She let's him go full in, revealing just how starved this high-society lady was for some real attention. It's clear her hubby's bedroom game was as weak as day-old coffee, leaving her tight pussy practically untouched (read virgin). Despite the bruises and the soreness, she's one happy camper. And who knows? Maybe she'll be up for round two soon, even if it means she won't be able to walk straight for days afterward.

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Mike Big Dick 3 part 1

Beautiful Gypsy Teen In Fact Enjoyed Being Ripped Apart – Part 1

Thought I'd be done? Fuck no, the ride's just heating up. This time, I was itching to get into some darker action. Luck's on my side, 'cause I found the hottest teen gypsy girl. An absolute 10/10. She's fresh, barely touched, and there she was, about to handle my huge, veiny beast. A part of me felt a bit bad for what I was about to do to her…

  • Ara Mix
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Mike Big Dick 2 part 1

Girl Saved From Rain But Mike's Schlong Had More Plans – Part 1

Before long, I was ravenous again. My massive cock is always on the hunt for pussy, or else it feels like it's gonna die. So, back on the road I went. Then, I saw this cute chick, soaking wet in the rain. No way was I gonna pass that up. I offered her a ride, and for just a bit of cash, she was sucking on me like a lollipop. Easy.

  • Karin King
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